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Caring for Ageing Skin | The Retreats' Guide to Radiance & Regeneration

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

It's one of the most asked questions for any skincare expert & therapist: "How do I make myself look younger?". We are asked this all the time, and if you've been the one asking the question, you'll more often than not get told about a miracle cream that hides wrinkles and lifts your face.

Whilst that's okay the key to combating ageing skin is knowledge & education as to what's going on beneath the surface of what you see. Only then can you find the right products & lifestyle changes that will help restore youthfulness and radiance.

What happens when we age?

Ageing is a natural process and along with it comes a variety of changes in our bodies. As we get older, our collagen production decreases. Collagen contributes to our skin structure- giving it that plump, youthful look. As our body's ability to produce this slows, this has a direct effect on our skin's appearance, causing the 'loose' look. We also struggle to stay hydrated as our bodies age, contributing to dehydrated skin- this can appear dull and lack radiance as a result. Skin also becomes thinner and is more prone to pigmentation (also known as age spots). All of these factors have an impact on our skin's physical appearance.

Lifestyle Habits that Affect Skin

There are certain factors that affect our skin's ageing process which may have occurred from routines throughout your life. Whilst these contribute to the changes in your skin, it is important to remember that some of these things are unavoidable & this should not be taken as a recommendation to change habits that make you smile!

  1. Over using facial expressions

The repetitive use of certain expressions such as laughing, squinting and frowning can contribute to age lines (or 'smile lines' as it's known). Ways around this is to wear prescription glasses if needed or sunglasses when it is bright to prevent squinting. However, we would never recommend to stop smiling & laughing- life is too short not to have fun!

2. Smoking & Vaping

The act of smoking can create the infamous 'smoker's lines' from lips constantly being shaped into an 'O'. Not only this but the chemicals & toxins found in the smoke, penetrate into the skin and can cause dryness and tightness of the face. Smoke is a pollutant to skin & can increase the appearance of ageing.

3. Diet

Like many things, eating a diet full of replenishing fruits & veggies will help with cellular damage due to the anti oxidants found in them. This is especially present in Vitamin C, so get drinking your OJ in the mornings!

4. Sun Damage

Whilst we all love the feeling of having a glowing complexion after we have been in the sun, or the feeling of the warm rays on our face, we know deep down UV can cause ageing due to the cell damage it encourages. The most obvious way this happens is through sunburn, where our skin has to regenerate new cells whilst the dead ones peel away. When laying in the sun, our cell DNA is damaged, affecting cellular function. Even though a nice golden glow may look good, the act of sunbathing dries our skin out, causing premature ageing. Make sure you always wear and SPF when outside to prevent burning.

How to use skincare to manage ageing

Chances are everyone has engaged in some sort of lifestyle habit that is known to contribute to ageing skin. At the end of the day we are all human and whatever happens, ageing is going to occur no matter what. This is why skincare is so important & here to stay. Depending on what factor you believe has contributed most to your ageing, there is a skincare solution out there for you! Driven by results, Germaine de Capuccini pride themselves on successful skincare and below are a few of their most popular products that you need to add into your routine:

Concern: Decreased Collagen Production & Loss of Elasticity

Answer: Timexpert Lift (IN) Supreme Definition Cream

This face cream is ideal for supporting the skin's structure, as we talked about earlier, meaning your skin's firmness and plumpness is restored.

Concern: General Skin Cell Damage & Ageing Skin

Answer: Timexpert SRNS Repair Night Progress Serum

The ultimate fighter of skin cell damage and your answer to overall anti-ageing skin. This award-winning serum shows results in 7 days, protects in the day & repairs at night. It can be used on all skin types.

Concern: Pigmentation & Lack of Radiance

Answer: Timexpert Radiance C + Illuminating Antioxidant Cream

One of our mot popular products at The Retreats due to its amazing facial treatment, this range is enriched with pure Vitamin C, one of the key ingredients we listed earlier in helping fight pigmentation & ageing due to its antioxidant properties. It's also great at helping skin cell turnover & increasing collagen! Skin is left glowing and complexion is radiant.

You can browse all of the skincare we stock here or pop in and see us for more advice and help picking products! Don't forget, you can also book a FREE skin analysis and consultation with one of us to address any concerns and begin your journey to a more confident you!

Stay tuned for more blog updates & wellness education, as well as tips and tricks to stay on top of you wellbeing- both inside and out!


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